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Note: a few of these decks are not yet formally mastered. Cards may even be missing. However, all of these decks are out of circulation because I have arranged every step necessary for completion. As such, please do not make offers involving these decks. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm Lenga and I joined Colors ([community profile] colors_tcg) on October 29, 2015. Right now I have 1820 cards! LOG.

Trading (Warm)Trading (Cold)





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Note: I formally joined on October 29, 2015, so I never set up my own Trick-or-Treat post or patronized anyone else's.

November 10, 2015: Seiyuu Guess 211, Earned a red candy and a blue candy (plus cards timeslip19, taller03, sky16).
November 15, 2015: Seiyuu Guess 212, Earned a red candy (plus cards bentenmaru08, artistic09, viginti14).

January 28, 2016: Black & White, EXCHANGED five red crayons, four orange crayons, one green crayon, one purple crayon, and one gray crayon FOR twenty red candies, sixteen orange candies, four green candies, four purple candies, and four gray candies.
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Ask me questions for tl;dr and I will do my best to babble
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Disclaimer: I am a native English speaker born and raised in the United States. I have studied Japanese for seven years and earned a bachelor's degree with a minor in Japanese Studies.

I believe my Japanese text translation services are worth $8 per hour or 80 dreamwidth points an hour. When you bring something to me I will give you a time estimate on your request and would like at least a 25% deposit before I begin working, the remaining 75% to be paid once you have received the finished product.

If you provide me with an email I will send it there. Otherwise I will private message you a download link. If you would like the translation to be made public rather than kept private, please discuss the details of this arrangement with me.

I accept payments in Dreamwidth points! Please transfer them to any of my accounts, such as [personal profile] 1angelette or [personal profile] speakveryclearly, over here. I also have a Paypal account, which I will gladly disclose privately.

I will also take commissions for link compilation. Like this, I will scrounge up the links myself and then do the HTML. For the low price of 1 point per link (so 10 points for 10 links or 60 points for 60 links). That would totally you take an hour to do yourself. No deposit is required for this work. If you have a larger project where I'd write original text like this, a deposit may be involved.

In specific circumstances where I am comfortable, I will accept writing commissions. These will be calculated at $8 or 80 points per hour. No deposit is necessary.
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